Wool Rain

A collection intertwining women's wear, men's wear, and children's wear. This collection is a warm hearted, color-psychology based street wear collection that goes hand in hand with a project I have worked on to create and donate comfortable, chic children's hospital gowns. The collection details including dye jobs, hand embroidery, and laser cut shapes were originally inspired by my summer abroad in Ireland where I interned for Natalie B. Coleman.


Wool Coat Collection


I created this couture street style collection for a fashion forward individual in her mid 20's. The collection is inspired by 70's furniture and plants as well as the characteristics of a mother. A mother is compassionate and comforting, but also stern and sharp. For these reasons, there is a combination of warm wools and sturdy denims, delicate beading/embroidery and geometric color blocking, soft pink and dark blue.

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Sweet Hydration

Bathing Suits for Little Humans 2019

Sweet hydration is a playful children's wear collection based on fruit and fruit puns. It is filled with a variety of bathing suits to make your child smile. Although it is playful, the bathing suits are also cool and sure to make the other kids jealous.All of the prints are watercolored, scanned in, and turned into prints.


Women's Wear

Ready to wear 2017

This street style women's wear outfit consists of 3 pieces: A bishop sleeve crop top, a bishop legged wrap pant, and a patch work suede vest using bemis sew-free bonding tape. The vest is lined with a light weight pink corduroy.

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Men's Wear

Ready to wear 2017

This outfit consists of 3 pieces: a wide whale corduroy pant with a rolled cuff, a plain white fitted tee-shirt, and a geometric fleece sweatshirt with grommets and cording for a strong design detail. I created the print on the sweatshirt using a photograph I took when visiting Cuba in 2016-2017. Parts of the sweatshirt was made using bemis, a sew-free bonding tape.

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Floral Bridal

Spring 2018

I made this dress with the idea in mind that colors can be joyous and marriage is a celebration, so adding a little bit of color to a bridal gown is a good way to brighten up a bride's ceremony. I hand beaded the corset top with white, pink, yellow, and purple pearls. I also hand cut, sewed, and beaded the flowers found on the dress before hand stitching them on.

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