I come from a fashion background and have learned a great deal about balancing color, texture, time, and budget. This is why I offer an array of services to help you enhance your business and personal life.


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I have a fashion illustration background, but can illustrate anything from books, to Tee-shirt graphics, to wedding favors.

I look forward to collaborating creatively with new clients and helping to give them visuals that will pull their audience in.

Mood Boards

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Whether you're planning an event, decorating a new space, opening a new business, or revamping your social media page with a new aesthetic, I will take the different ideas you have and turn them into a cohesive big picture.

Professional Brainstorming


I have worked brainstorming anything from social media content, to weekly meal prep, to ways to enhance an event you're throwing. 

I can brainstorm alone, or we can meet in person or by zoom and I can be your backboard/ idea generator.



I will help you add a creative edge to your website or social media content with personal illustrations, add special illustrative touches to the event that you are planning, or create illustrations for your info graphics. I am interested in helping you with whatever illustration needs you may have. I can work both by hand and digitally.

Included for all of my clients is:

1. An initial 45 minute zoom call to go over details and what specifically you will need from me.

After our initial meeting I will send you over a contract with specifics about pricing, what is expected from both of us, how many edits are included, and how many zoom meetings are included, etc.

I typically charge $35 an hour. If it is a bigger project we can discuss a flat rate based upon the scope of work.​


Mood Boards

I include:

1. An initial 30 minute zoom to discuss the details of what you're planning and what your vision is.

2. A second 30 minute zoom meeting to go through the mood board I created for you and discuss changes that might need to be made.

3. A third 15 minute zoom call to go through the changes made.

If after the third zoom call you want more edits, that's totally fine; however, moving forward I charge by the hour for any extra work.

Depending upon the scope of work I charge anywhere from $100- $250. After our first zoom meeting I will give you an estimate and as soon as you confirm you would like to move forward, I'll get to work! For any extra work my hourly rate is $30.


Professional Brainstorming

Brainstorming isn't something you get official training for, but to generate ideas at a fast and high rate it takes practice. When I worked for TJX one of my greatest strength was brainstorming ideas for the graphics to go on children's shirts. Even before that, even as a young kid I was an avid list maker and every time I had a big decision to make I would list out all of the possible ways to handle it.

Whatever problem you are stuck on, let me take a look with fresh eyes and give you some new creative ideas that could help. By request I will attach some links to different pieces of decor, social media references, or websites that might be of help to you through whatever you're working on.

Included when you book with me:

1. A 30 minute zoom to discuss what it is you are brainstorming and to get an idea of what type of ideas will be the most helpful for you.

2. If you had me brainstorm on my own, a 30 minute zoom to go over the ideas I came up with.

3. A typed up list with all of the brainstormed ideas with notes on the ideas that we discussed.

If you choose to be there during the brainstorm I will still need the initial 30 minute call to discuss your needs so that I have time to do some research before our brainstorming session.

I charge $50 to brainstorm with you and $75 to brainstorm for you. If you need some more ideas on top of what we discussed, I charge $25 an hour going forward.